Places of Astronomical Interest

Meanwhile the astronomical viewpoints network offers some acceptable spaces for the tourism in a general way, there are other places designed for those people who are more interested and specialized in totally dark places at higher elevations. So in this way, the L.I.A. (Places of Astronomical Interest in Spanish acronym) appear, in some cases as mentioned above, on these dark conditions, in other cases they are points of interest due to the sundials or archaeological sites linked to the Astronomy (so-called archaeoastronomy).

El Calvario. Garafia


Some years ago, a research was started to understand the link between the local archaeology and the astronomy in La Palma Island. There are some expressions from the aboriginal population (the Awara) connected to the Sun, Moon or some stars worship. Some archaeological sites and stones piles have been studied since they could be mainly related to the movement of the stars, the Sun and the Moon.


There are numerous sundials that can be discovered throughout the island of La Palma, on both public and private buildings. The most prominent are:

Stars Island La Palma, turismo de estrellas, Isla de La Palma, Canarias
lugares interes astronómico. turismo estrellas, la palma

Other places of Astronomical Interest

Although astronomical viewpoints have been installed throughout the island, we have included a number of other places which are interesting, either for their content related to the firmament or for other educational activities. If you believe that other places should be added to those ones given here, either due to their dark conditions, availability or other characteristics, please let us know through this website’s contact form. Thank you very much.


The Roque de los Muchachos Observatory is open to visitors.
Take this chance and enjoy the stars from one of the most privileged sites on the planet for astronomic observations.

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